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Thermal design
Chief thermal design expert, national researcher, and he got master degree. He is engaged in air conditioning and refrigeration control for 20 years. He worked in China Aviation Industry Corporation, which mainly charged thermal design and management, led the team to develop variety of air cooling equipments, successfully developed China's first automotive cooling tank. Self-designed air heat exchanger has been widely applied in outdoor communications cabinet.
We can supply the heat-dissipation solutions to meet the outdoor LCD in different working environments.
Structure design
Chief structure design expert, who worked with machanical design and development for nearly 10 years. He designed several outdoor communication cabinets for Huawei. Which had been widely used in global communications. We can provide different customized LCD waterproof enclosure.
Electronic Control
There are several electronic control experts in our team, we have been developed the environmental monitoring system to satisfy outdoor LCD's surveillance, air-condition control system; LCD video management system etc. We can supply kinds of LCD control solutions.
Optical control system
Serval optical control specialists, worked at Hisense, LG and other companies. Lead the team to develop a variety of direct type backlit module and and LED backlight driver program, which has been widely applied to outdoor bright screen.  we can provide 7-82 inch high brightness backlit module.
Software Development
According to the outdoor LCD's control and play system, we develop a set of remote information broadcasting system in network  and remote environmental management system.


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